The Poly-URE Castings process

Poly-Ure Castings polyurethane parts are all handmade to spec. We are a manufacturer, not a reseller of OEM parts, so you know you are getting exactly what you need, when you need it, at a competitive price. Our materials are high-quality and Canadian made, just like our parts.


How do we use this high-quality material?

We start by getting the specs; you can provide a drawing, measurements, or just provide us with your part, intact or broken, and we will create a mould based on your specifications. 

We work with you to understand the application for the part, so we can be sure to obtain the best material appropriate to its use (rebound, wear, spinning, rocks hitting it, etc.)

Applying our extensive industrial experience earned over four decades means we can often tell simply by the application what you will need, and can advise you appropriately. For example, the hardest possible durometer (hardness) might not be the most durable.

The initial part or mold is machined. If it is a new build, we make the mold, or if it is a common part or an order for a repeat customer, we will have the mold ready to start pouring.

We melt the material, and from there, your part is crafted with care by hand. We will add and mix what is required, dye for preferred colour, hand pour it into the mold, open the mold, and trim excess, all with the attention to detail that “hand made” entails.

The part receives a 16-hour post-cure in a low oven to ensure the part will meet maximum durability, and then it is shipped out to you.  

You are a key part of our process too!

Your required parts can be manufactured in varying textures and durometer. Hardness ranges from 20 Shore A to 90 Shore D (soft like rubber or hard like plastic). Parts will be manufactured as per your needs and/or preference. We work with you to ensure the best fit and a part that is the perfect for its application. Your parts can be manufactured in the colour of your choice, and we can even add ceramic beads to our polyurethane to increase resistance.

Many customers who have already experienced the difference in durability that polyurethane provides will proactively change out rubber, plastic, or Teflon pieces so they know they won’t have to worry about down time and lost profits.